The Bow tie Blouse…

Much as I love my chunky knitwear, some days you just can’t beat a simple bow tie blouse for style and elegance. They look so pretty-especially for spring and I love how they can transform an ordinary outfit in minutes. 
Here are a few gorgeous styles I love….
Love this gorgeous Azure blue one from Reiss – fabulous to dress up your everyday denims!

Another lovely number in soft pink from Warehouse
It would also look great worn with grey wool trousers as seen above….
Or you can’t beat a simple white blouse and this pleat yoke one from Asos is just gorgeous….
Here is one of my own, an oldie from Mexx 🙂 I often took it out when sorting for the charity bag but it nearly always went straight back in the wardrobe again! I think I will hold onto it though, as I love a change from my everyday knitwear, and I always feel a little dressier in a blouse or shirt 🙂
Hope you are all enjoying the week! My youngest is doing her mock junior cert exams so the Nespresso machine is taking a bit of a battering this week – for me not her I might add!
Take Care 🙂
Anne xx

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