Satin pillow cases from Savvy Sleepers….

I was delighted to return from holidays recently to find Laura and I had being sent two gorgeous satin pillowcases from the team at Savvy Sleepers. 

These satin pillowcases are the brainchild of Dale Janee, a fashion and lifestyle blogger at Savvy Spice. Each pillowcase is 100% pure satin and available in 6 rich shades.
They arrived in the most gorgeous packaging with a sweet little note, which really shows how much thought has gone into the whole production of the product.

White Russian satin pillowcase

Laura has the White Russian shade and mine is Nappucino and we can honestly say they are the most gorgeous things to sleep on! They are so good for the hair, preventing breakages and split ends. Plus they are said to prolong the length of a blow dry! (I’ll be putting that one to the test tonight! – L)
The best part selling point? You wake up in the morning feeling refreshed with no strange pillow marks down your face!! 
Now that is a major bonus in itself, as I always seemed to end up with these weird facial lines when I had to be somewhere important first thing in the morning! Not a good look and one reason I had always wanted to own a satin pillowcase. They are highly recommended by dermatologists for anti-aging too…win win 🙂
Nappuccino satin pillowcase
Thanks again to Dale and all the team at Savvy Sleepers. if you would like to order one or learn more about the product just log on here  Savvy Sleepers
Hope you all had a lovely sunny day:)
Anne & Laura xx

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